Frequently asked questions

What makes Move Maker different from all the other movement programs out there?

I take MAJOR pride in this program being the most high value resource I’ve come across and it’s validation in the form of the many success stories from people it’s helped. We’re not going to hop right into things and just skim the surface like other programs. This program is about creating a relationship with your mind and movement that gives you FREEDOM that lasts a lifetime. It’s about redesigning your body and your relationship with yourself to get RESULTS YOU CRAVE that flow into all aspects of your life. Maybe it’s feeling comfortable in your skin and your favorite clothes, maybe it’s being able to effectively communicate and socialize with others, or maybe it’s having the confidence you need to take the reigns in your life. I’ll tell you right now that I don’t mess around. This is a no-BS course that packs a progressive punch designed for the most badass movers & shakers of the world.

I have 0 dance experience? Can Move Maker really help me?

HECK YES! Move Maker was designed with you in mind! We cover everything, starting from the ground up, so you’re perfectly ready to hop right in, regardless of your previous experience!

I have previous dance experience. Am I going to be bored with all the basics? What can I get out of this program?

Boredom is NOT something we offer at MyMovementality, so you best bet we’ve got some real awesome content planned for you! First, we bring it back to basics because we believe that’s important for everyone at every level. In doing so we find newness in the old, uncover things we’ve previously overlooked and explore countless more ways to build upon what we know and continue our trajectory of maximum growth.

I procrastinate - A LOT - Will this program be long enough for me?

I promise it’ll light a fire under ya and our group calls and live classes will help you stay on track - but you also have lifetime access to the course and community (juuuust in case).

When do we start & do I have to be on all the Movement Meet Up live classes & group calls?

You’ll have instant access to the course materials (you overachiever, you)! Our group calls & live classes are once a week. Specific date and time will be announced in December. And no, you don’t need to be on the calls or classes to succeed - they’re just a super bonus to jump start your sassy new self! All the course content is delivered in videos and funbooks that you have lifetime access to AND you can always ask your burning questions in our private facebook community. There will be a replay of these Movement Meet Up live classes and group calls for you to access in case you miss it.

How long are the Movement Meetup live classes & group calls & what if I can’t be there the whole time?

Our weekly Movement Meetup live classes & group calls typically last an hour and a half (but if we’re really in the zone, possibly two). If you need to come late or leave early, no worries! There will be a replay of our Movement Meet Up live classes and group calls available.

How long is the course and how long do I have access to it?

The course is 6 weeks long and you have access to it indefinitely. You have 6 weeks guaranteed access to the live classes & group calls (for the duration of your program). Past your 6 week course, you are welcome to attend future classes & calls when they’re happening & while spots are still available.

How does the customized feedback part work? Do I have to do this?

During your 6 week program I will review up to 1 of your videos each week and provide personalized feedback via video, audio or text. You’ll submit these videos to jordan@mymovementality.com. My feedback serves as a bonus - helping you stay on track, get the most out of the course and fast track your success. This part is absolutely optional and not required, although having my personal guidance has proven to be very helpful to those who take me up on it. Please, only 1 submission per week for up to 6 weeks. Please allow up to 1 week for my response.

I’m extremely unorganized - will this still work for me?

Not only will this work for you but you’re going to see massive results. I’ve already done the planning and organizing for you so that making moves will happen almost automatically. PLUS I’ve included tons of inspirational resources to keep you motivated, as well as done for you easy follow along workouts and fun movement videos! So, if your brain is not the most organized type… no need to fret, I’ve got your back. Follow my plan and you’ll be all set.

I hate strict schedules and I’m more of a Free-Spirited type. Do I have to follow a strict schedule?

Move Maker was built with free spirited babes in mind. I’ve outlined the structure so that you can have even more creative freedom. Consider this the safety net around the trampoline.

I already have enough on my plate - Is this just going to be another thing on my to do list?

Absolutely not! The Move Maker model is created to interrupt the STAGNANT and MONOTONOUS lifestyle by introducing NEW, EXCITING AND FUN ways to express yo self and get in shape at the same time. Move Maker is geared towards creating momentum and providing you with content you can’t wait to get into!

I’m worried that self-study won’t be enough for me. What if I need more support?

In addition to your Move Maker program you’ll have access to weekly live group coaching calls that are tailored towards your specific needs, as well as hold you accountable and make sure you’re NEVER stuck. PLUS, these weekly live dance jams will electrify your desire to move and fulfill your craving to party like a rockstar!

I DON’T technology. Is there a lot of tech-y stuff involved?

I’ve simplified this entire program PLUS recorded videos to outline step by step instructions for anything that might seem tech-complicated. Don’t worry boo, this stuff is so simple you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

Funds are a bit tight. Is there a payment plan option?

YES! I want you to get your hands on this life changing program ASAP so I’ve designed a no-brainer payment plan option to get you moving in the direction of your goals without the upfront investment.

Do you offer refunds?

The short answer is no. I genuinely believe that this program is the best resource for people looking to ignite their momentum to create the quality of life they desire. The program has been tested (and proven) with dozens of people and I’m confident that the Move Maker system gets massive results. Because we hand over all the digital goods as soon as you join, there are no refunds for this program. That said, I encourage you to ONLY invest if you are committed to showing up, completing course materials and getting FIRE results. (If you’re having any hesitation as to the legit-ness of the program I encourage you to check out all the feedback from past and current clients. PLUS, I’m happy to hop on a call and chat with you to see if the Move Maker program is right for you! Visit www.mymovementality.com/call to schedule our call.)